Thursday, January 22, 2009

Drugs keep you awake in the morning....

I woke up this morning to the most annoying voice enthusiastically reminding me how fucked up the human race is, thanks for making my morning come out to a wonderful start you dirty old bastard.

Me and Claude spent half the morning sitting in our usual booth at Waffle House this morning drinking Coffee trying to escape the cold, because the house is freezing because we have so many goddamn windows in the house, and plus there was nothing else too do. We drank about 4 cups each, which according Dr.Know-it-all in the booth across from ours, is bad for you, but the look on our faces should have let her know we didn't care but no.... she decided she needed to elaborate, that is until Claude decided introduce her to Mr.Bird and she finally got the message.

Coffee is a wonderful thing, a wonderful wonderful drug...the only drug that comes with free refills. :}

The moral of this story is
A: Don't talk to strangers, especially at Waffle House. Waffles House people will kill you.
B: Coffee is good.
C: Old people shouldn't be allowed to talk on morning radio.