Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi my name is Jessica, how the FUCK can I help you ? :}

I give up on trying to please anyone anymore.

I'm done with the whole thing, as of now my head is set on "blah blah blah" mode.
Thats why I think me and Alysia are friends, we have this nice thing going on on the outside and these horrendous comment episode going on in our heads. So there you have it, I am sick of fucking old people being fucking stupid and not knowing about their medications. I'm sick of 90 year old assholes coming in who speak this crazy fucked up english were they just stick words together, I'm sick of stupid assholes trying to weasel their way through the system. FUCK YOU !

I think if people could hear the thoughts in my head I definitly wouldn't have any friends and I would be fired. People are fucking retarded, I work behind the counter, I deal with your prescription. You just take the goddamn meds, you know nothing about what goes on behind the counter, so you know what TAKE THAT BOTTLE OF PERCOCET AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR FAT ASSHOLE .

No you be a grown up and you call your doctor, you call your fucking insurance, you call around and see who has the fucking medication in stock I don't fucking feel like it and its not my fucking responsibility. Its says in our job descriptions "calls to patient prescriber requesting refills, and calls to patient insurance is better left to patient".

I'm going to the twilight pre-release party and I don't care what anyone thinks.
I'm excited, I will have fun and thats that.
12:01 can't wait, this is almost as exciting as when the books were coming out and then almost as exciting as when I was waiting to see the movie in its midnight theatre showing.