Friday, September 26, 2008



I drove around yesterday night for almost an hour looking for gas, and found none...none at all. I was flabbergasted, I just couldn't believe that out of the 20 or so gas stations I passed, all they had was diesel. And the one place that did had gas was only letting you get $25 worth, and I was nearing empty like two and a half ticks from being empty I needed more then 6 1/2 gallons, plus the place had a line that stretched around the corner, down the road and onto parts of the highway.

Its all the media's fault...the weather channel, the news...they made all these comments and jokes trying to be cute and pretending that they actually know something kept talking "Better go get gas because the hurricane is going to hit the tankers and we wont have any deedeedee :B" and THEN! all the crazy panicky loons went and overdid if with trying to get gas and save it and fill up those canisters AN THEN!, and this is my favorite part, the hurricane3 didn't even hit the goddamn didn't even go close. I swear I could fucking spit.

Finally this morning when I went to get my tires fixed, I found a gas station that had just had their truck fill up all the pumps. I got as much gas as IO wanted and it was only 3.87, I was elated .

only to find that when I got home "some how", some water mysteriously spilled on my desk and all over my keyboard, but who ever it did it had the common decency to take the cup into the kitchen, and leave me a roll of paper towels >:(. So I had to go back to the store and buy a new one and the I had to get on with a USB so it would hook onto my laptop, and this one is really nice. Its small, lightweight, but its keys don't make that nifty clicky noise like my other one did. OH WELL I'll just make the noise in my head I guess.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What a beautiful feeling

Okay ! finally after locating the correct versions of most of the songs I am going to post my list.

Hopefully all these songs stay working for a while.

You might have to click the next buttons next to the play button, I didn't
realize until now that the player is too wide...
Or you can hit "pop out player" underneath the thing and that should work too :}

Now unfortunately some of the song weren't on there sooo if your ever so interested here, and have never heard these next few songs, here are some links so you can hear..

please click the names, they all go to so they are safe. :}

Muse - can't take my eye's off of you (cover)

Green Day - Only off you
The Network - Roshambo

So if the link in the actual playlist are broken here is a list of the songs

Why does it rain on me - Travis
All I have to do is dream - The Everly Brothers
I put a spell on you - Screaming Jay Hawkins and the Marylin Manson cover
Time is running out - Muse
Angel Baby - Rosie and the originals
Creep - Radiohead
In between Days - The Cure
Together Forever - Go Sailor
Animal I have become - Three days grace
Stand up - Trapt
The Way - Fastball
Give me Novocaine - Green Day
Just like Heaven - The Cure
Possum Kingdom- Toadies
Everlong - Foo fighters
Missing you - I don't know the actual artist, its the song from the cotton commercial with the dry cleaner.

I was like a lost moon...

I would like to say something I meant to say yesterday..
I used to have one of these, but I totally forgot about it, and I made one not too long after the site was created, but I did attempt to find my old account and alas, just as I expected it was gone.
Honestly though I didn't expect anything else. NOW on too the other reason for this blog...

I was going to post my playlist I've created for she series Twilight, or at least for the first two books because thats all I've read so far. NO SPOILS PLEASE ! A friend of mine already may have ruined then end for me but you never know, what she told me may not be of any importance really.

ANYWAYS ! let me get on with my story before my brain goes anymore ADD...
I was going to post it, but it isn't quite refined, some of the songs I have aren't quite the right version..
And with the quite unreliable some of the song links keep breaking. I finished the list yesterday and half the links were already broken, and unfortunately some of the songs weren't even on there :{. So I found links to the song, and I will hopefully get everything completely together tomorrow.
A friend of mine told me that Stephenie Meyer had made her own playlist on her website, but I'm afraid I might stumble upon spoilers since another friend of mine told me the site is apparently "riddled" with them, and I'm sure she is smart enough to put something indicating whatever is on that page has spoilers, but I have no self-control when it comes to things like and I might find myself "accidentally" scrolling down the page and my eye's might "accidentally" see something that could spoil the enjoyment of reading the books.

SOOO if someone would like to give me a list of the songs on her playlist I would love you forever.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Better than any air freshener...

Ahhh there's nothing like the feeling of a fresh NEW blog.

I can't tell you how many of these damn things I've had in my years on the internet, well I actually I can. WAY TOO MANY !

I always start one and then slowly forget about it, well actually usually very quickly. The only one I ever kept up with for more than a few months was livejournal, and its been about 8 months since I last used it. I cant even remember my username..or name(s) for that matter I've made about 4 separate accounts.

Hopefully this will be my last one, maybe this will be the one I keep up with. Probably not a daily thing, sometimes not even weekly, but something I don't create and get excited about when I find news I feel I need to share with the inhabitants of the internet, and then a few months later think "Oh Yea ! my blog"

I have this on one of my many lists, its my "Lists of thing to keep up with" and I think its number 8 or 9..its "Make a blog and don't forget about it"