Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You guys wanna see a dead body ?

SOOOO a few days ago "Stand By Me" came on some movie channel and I watched it and feel in love with it all over again... well not that I ever fell out of love with, but I hadn't watched it in a long long time so the next day I popped it in the ol' DVD player and watched my little heart out. I really lover that movie, I can say its in the top 5 spot, maybe its like number 2 or 3... I dunno but that movie is so true to how I felt as a kid, and even how I feel know. There are so many great scenes and great lines. Ofcourse now I love it because I can realize how great a movie it is, when I was a little kid I think my love for this classic was that I had a huge crush on Corey Feldman and the late River Phoenix, and ofcourse Kiefer Sutherland which still holds true today. They are total cuties and I dare anyone to disagree... here have a screen shot and bask in the glory of the good ol' days....

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